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The Making of a

Masterful Artisan Chocolate

Sight. How is the colour, the consistency and the sheen?  A bright and glossy finish is ideal. If the surface of the chocolate appears cloudy, this is known as ‘bloom’ and happens when chocolate has ‘lost its temper’.

Sound. If chocolate has been tempered properly (brought to a certain hardness and strength) then it should give a satisfying snap when broken.

Feel. Is the ganache center creamy and velvety? The chocolate should feel smooth on the roof of your mouth and tongue.

Smell. The smell of the artisan chocolate should give a hint of the flavour notes inside.
The aroma will foreshadow all of the flavours.

Taste. Some chocolate will start off fruity then, as it melts it will release a spicy taste. The flavours of the artisan chocolate will inspire your whole palette.

“Savour the moments in life that make your heart glow.

Chase after and find the moments that will take your breath away...”
- Michael Delaware

Heading 1

The Savouring of a

Masterful Artisan Chocolate

Take a moment to prepare your palette. Some great options for palette cleansing are; eating a slice of apple or a piece of bread.

Pause before eating the chocolate, take time to admire the design and the finish.

Breathe deeply, savour the aroma.

When you're ready to taste the chocolate, allow yourself to bite it in half with your front teeth. Enjoy the snap of the chocolate shell and as the chocolate touches your tongue, swish it along the roof of your mouth to feel the smooth ganache as it melts.

Reminisce over the flavours, tones and the creamy texture of the chocolate.

Pause again and hold the remaining half away from yourself. Gaze at the creamy ganache center and see how it is embraced in a shining coat of chocolate.

Again breathe deeply, proceed to enjoy the other half. Experience it as you had with your first bite.